Activated Carbon

Petrosadid: Activated Carbon

Activated carbon contains carbonaceous component derived from charcoal is proved to have tremendous internal surface area (500–1500 m2/g) for adsorption of especially organic, non-polar substances. The surface area of activated carbon makes the material appropriate for adsorption process to eliminate impurities from fluids, vapors or gas.

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Activated carbon effectively removes impurities, and contaminants from water, air, food and pharmaceuticals and etc as following:

• Biogas Treatment

• Removal of unwanted compounds like H2S and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

• Purifying gas treatment liquids to reduce foaming and corrosion, increasing the efficiency of plant operations

• Controlling color and impurities in natural gas liquids (NGLs)

• Removal of CO2, N2, H2S and heavy metals like mercury from natural gas


• Gold Recovery

• Water treatment, including waste and drinking water treatment

• Collective Protection systems

• Beverage manufacture

• Food manufacture

• Solvent Recovery

• Car Cabin filter media

• Cigarette Filters

• Fume cupboard filters

• Room air filtration

• Flue Gas Treatment

• Sewage Odors


Petrosadid offers special activated carbon according to customer’s requirements.

Petrosadid: Activated Carbon

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