Vacum Dryer

Petrosadid: Vacum Dryer

PETROSADID Company, is renowned Iranian provider for drying equipment such as vacuum dryer.

We can provide you with the best solution of drying, in compliance with the latest technological advancements to thoroughly meet your needs.

In vacuum dryer, material is dried by the application of vacuum.

When vacuum is created the pressure is lowered so that water boils at a lower temperature. Hence water evaporates faster.

The heat transfer becomes efficient, i.e., rate of drying enhances substantially.

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It typically consists of a cast iron heavy jacketed vessel. It is so strong that it can withstand the vacuum within the oven and stream pressure in the jacket.

The inner space is divided into a number of portions (shelves), which are part of this package

This shelves provide larger surface area for conduction of heat.

Over the shelves, metal trays are kept for keeping the material.

The oven is connected to vacuum pump by placing condenser in between. Pressure is usually decreased to 30-60 kPa.

Steam or heat air is passed through the hollow space of jacket and shelves. As a result, evaporation of water take place at 25-30 C.

Petrosadid: Vacum Dryer


Vacuum dryer provides large surface area for heat transfer.

Handling of the material, trays and equipment is easy.

It is easy for switching over to the next materials.

Hot water or desired temperatures can be supplied.

Electrically heated hollow shelves can be used.

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