Petrosadid: U-Tube

PETROSADID not only supply straight seamless and welded tubes but also supply U-Tubes from well-known manufacturers for use in heat exchangers, condensers, pre-heaters and other applications. These U-Tubes are made in accordance with requirements of TEMA RCB-2.31, ASTM A/ SA 688, DIN 28179, ASTM B/ SB 163, other statutory requirements or specifications.

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A U-tube heat exchanger is used mostly according to the counter-flow principle. For heat transport according to the counter-flow principle, hot and cold medium flow in opposing directions. As a result, heat recovery of almost 100% is achieved. Counter-flow heat exchangers therefore have a very high efficiency level.

Due to the bent individual tubes, a heat exchanger with U-tube bundles require significantly less space than a straight tube heat exchanger with the same design. U-tube heat exchangers also only generate a low pressure loss during operation.

Corrosion and deposits can be minimized by using stainless steel. The number of maintenance intervals is thus drastically reduced. In addition a replacement of a worn tube bundle is possible.

Example industries for u-tube heat exchangers are:

• Industrial waste heat recovery solutions

• Energy

• Oil and gas industry

• Chemical industry

The advantages of u-tube heat exchangers are:

• wide variety of engineering designs

• wide variety of materials for optimal thermal conductivity

• cost-effective calculations for optimal capacity

• space saving designs

• custom-made casing design for larger installations with easy cleaning benefits

Petrosadid: U-Tube

“U” bending is done on seamless stainless steel straight tubes by cold working process. Depending upon the radius, which will be strictly according to drawing furnished by the customers, the straight tubes are bent on a pulley of known radius. Thereafter, the bend portion plus 6 inch leg length is stress relieved by resistance heating, The temperature is controlled and maintained with the help of suitable Pyrometer at required temperature and time. Inert gas is passed through it at the required flow rate to avoid inside oxidation.

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