Carbon Molecular Sieve

Petrosadid: Carbon Molecular Sieve

Carbon molecular sieve is a carboneous material with an amorphous structure, is characterized by a very narrow micropore size distribution to separate molecules depending on their size and shape. It has practical use in the field of catalysis, membrane and separation of gaseous mixtures via pressure swing adsorption (PSA).

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The carbon molecular sieves have been extensively used for the following applications:

• Separation of nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen from air stream,

• Carbon dioxide and methane

• Propane and propylene

• Benzene and cyclohexane


The PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) nitrogen generators consist of two activated Carbon Molecular Sieve columns. carbon molecular sieve can adsorb oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor at high pressures while enabling nitrogen and other inert gases to pass through to be separated. By alternately enhancing and reducing the pressure within the columns, the nitrogen is separated from the other inert gases.

Petrosadid: Carbon Molecular Sieve

Petrosadid offers carbon molecular sieve which is applicable in Nitrogen generation by PSA-Process, Purification process, nitrogen rejection and hydrogen production.

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