Isomerization Catalyst

Petrosadid: Isomerization Catalyst

Isomerization produces compound with another atomic alignment which has exactly the same composition and molecular weight.

Isomerization process is used to produce high octane number compounds of gasoline from low octane number oil components by changing the structure of the carbon alignment.

Some types of isomerization are as following:

• C5-C­6 Fractions Isomerization

• C7 Fraction Isomerization

• Butane Isomerization

• Xylene Isomerization

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Reaction temperatures of (95-205 oC) thermodynamically are more appropriate compared to the higher temperatures due to the enhancement of conversion at the lower temperatures.

It was reported that the Pt based catalyst with addition of very small amount of organic chloride are effective for the isomerization reaction.

Zeolite catalysts exhibit activity at higher temperatures compared to the other based metal catalysts, therefore, low octane numbers of isomerate will be achieved.

Pt supported on a novel metal based catalyst shows higher activity than zeolite catalyst and also this type of catalyst can be regenerated.

Petrosadid offers a wide range of Isomerization catalysts.

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