Insulation Kits & Insulation Joints

Petrosadid: Insulation Kits & Insulation Joints

PETROSADID prides itself on providing Standard and Custom Engineered Insulation Joints and Insulation Kits to match our customer’s needs.

The purpose of insulating joints is to provide electrical isolation between sections of pipelines to prevent detrimental electrochemical interaction between the sections. Insulating joints are used also to ensure effective current distribution for cathodic protection systems.

Insulation Kits are designed to work in conjunction with insulating gaskets to effect the complete electrical insulation of a flanged assembly.

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Insulation joint

The Purpose of the isolation joint is to prevent detrimental electro-chemical interaction and improve the effectiveness of the cathodic protection system. Isolating joints are also used to ensure effective current distribution for cathodic protection system.

Isolating Joint Functional Requirements:

• Isolation joint shall be suitable for Pigging Operation.

• Slip-on Flanges shall not be used.

• The isolation joints shall be able to withstand the operating conditions stated in the requisition sheets. Where the operating conditions are not stated, the following operating conditions shall apply.

• Installation: Above ground

• Design temperature: 82 deg C maximum & 5 deg minimum


1) Two spools, each consisting of a pipe segment with a bevelled end for welding to the pipeline on one side, having a welded-on boltless flange at the other end for encapsulation into isolating and filler material.

The material used for the pipe segments shall be compatible with the pipeline material.

2) A rigid casting (retaining ring) for strength connection.

– One set of ring seals for pipeline internal pressure containment below 50 bar(g).

– A double sealing arrangement shall be specified for design pressure in excess of 50 bar(g).

3) Two terminal connecting lugs on the outer surface of each spool. Each lug shall be suitable for M10 bolted cable connection.

Petrosadid: Insulation Kits & Insulation Joints

Insulation Kit

Flange Insulation Kits are designed to maintain the integrity and reliability of the pipeline and piping system through safety and corrosion protection. Flange Insulation Kits provide an effective seal and electrical insulation of flanges. By eliminating metal to metal contact, static current is halted to prevent corrosion and aid in the cathodic protection of the pipe. Insulation Kits are also used to prevent the flow of electrostatic charge to reduce sparking in hazardous environments.

Petrosadid: Insulation Kits & Insulation Joints

The differences in using insulating joints versus insulating flange kits

Insulating joints come preassembled and pretested versus the traditional insulating flange kit, which requires a skilled technician to assemble it on site. By using the Insulating joint the company saves on site labor. Insulating joints are also less likely to fail from improper installation which could render a CP system ineffective and likely result in both internal and external corrosion.

With an insulating joint, serviceability and maintenance is simplified. Whereas, when using an insulating flange kit the system may become shorted when buried (from settling, thermal expansion or over-tightening). In this case, the cost to repair a damaged or leaking system significantly exceeds the initial investment of an insulating joint. It is also more likely that the pipeline would have to be shut down if maintenance or replacement is required.

When evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of using insulated flange kits versus insulating joints it would seem that when life cycle costs are considered, the use of insulting joints is advantageous over the flange kits.

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