Gas Metering Systems

Petrosadid: Gas Metering Systems

Whichever technology you prefer, whatever your budget and whatever the application, our engineers have the knowledge and experience to deliver high accuracy gas metering packages to suit your needs.

Whether ultrasonic meters for reduced uncertainty, high turndown, wide range of capacity and low maintenance; orifice meters for simple, proven designs at a relatively low cost; turbine meters for low cost, accurate and repeatable designs; Venturi meters for low pressure loss, low maintenance and proven technology suitable for wet gas; or Coriolis meters for direct mass flow measurements that are accurate and reliable

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Petrosadid: Gas Metering Systems

Orifice metering is recognized as the traditional method for measuring high gas flow rates on offshore installations and onshore gas production and processing facilities. Improvements to accessibility and maintenance of the systems are continually updated and what the orifice metering technique can offer:


High acceptability

Traditional proven technology

Ease of calibration

Petrosadid: Gas Metering Systems

Gas ultrasonic metering systems provide a space and weight saving solution for gas metering and it is developing as the preferred metering technique for offshore gas production installations. Ultrasonic gas metering systems are progressively replacing the conventional orifice metering on onshore gas production and gas processing facilities as well.

Ultrasonic flow metering benefits from:

Smaller/lighter than conventional systems

Simple to produce i.e. low cost and short manufacture time

No moving parts

Long term stability

High flow rates

High accuracy

Immune to medium – high frequency vibrations

Petrosadid: Gas Metering Systems

The venturi meter is the favored device for wet gas flow metering. The simplicity of no moving parts makes the venturi meter maintenance free and the dependability allows it to be used in applications with higher turndown rates and/or lower pressures drops.

Wet gas flow metering is a major challenge to the natural gas production industry and potential applications. Many natural gas reserves that initially produced dry gas are becoming wet natural gas producers as the conditions in the reservoir change with age and the natural gas is depleted. Venturi meters can be manufactured in duplex stainless steel to withstand corrosion as a result of the acidity of the wet gas.

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