Heat Transfer Fluids

Petrosadid: Heat Transfer Fluids

Heat transfer fluid is a stable and highly refined paraffinic oil to be used in heating and quenching applications. Currently, providing of heat in an indirect way via circulating hot oil through a heat exchanger results in decreasing hot spots and enhancing the safety of the heating process. In the case of quenching application, heat must be swiftly drawn away from the surfaces in contact with oil.

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Some features of the heat transfer fluids are as following:

Long Temperature Life: high stability of the heat transfer fluids enhances the temperature operating times.

Excellent conductivity: High conductivity of the heat transfer fluids leads to swift cooling and heating operations.

Low Volatility: Controlling volatility makes the oil operate in high temperatures and low pressures systems.

Good Pumpability: better pumpability at start-up reduce the required energy.


• CSP projects

• Petroleum refineries

• Synthetic fiber plants Desalination plants

• Dyeing and printing industry

• Copper clad laminate industry

• Coating resin industry

• Chemical industry



Petrosadid offers a wide range of heat transfer fluids based on the required application.

Petrosadid: Heat Transfer Fluids

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