Petrosadid: Silicagel

Silica Gel is a granular, porous form of SiO2 made from  Sodium Silicate. Silica gel consist of nano porous silica in microscopic scale, suspended within a liquid.  Silica gels are indispensable adsorbents in various gas and air drying applications. Hence, Silica gel is proved to be an appropriate dryer. The most important property of the Silica gel is being able to be regenerated more times and as it is full of water, can be dried at the 100-200 oC or in strong light of sun. but its property reduces, 5-10% per time.

Petrosadid offers white and colored silica gel in different particle sizes and shapes with different pore sizes.

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There are different types of silica gels which is applicable in various industries. For example, Fine porous Silica Gel is specially utilized for the impurities adsorption or separation in petrochemical industry, refining process, synthetic chemical industry, electric power plants.

Another type of the silica gel is Indicating Silica gel which has a strong moisture adsorption capacity and is widely utilized for drying and dehumidification in pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, food, clothing, leather industries. During the adsorption process, due to the hydroscopic capacity the color appearance changes obviously. The degree of saturation is visualized by a change in color.

Different types of Silica Gel are as following:

• Fine Pore Silica Gel

• Macro Pore Silica Gel

• Water Proof Silica Gel

• White Silica Gel

• Blue Silica Gel

• Orange Silica Gel

• Silica Gel for Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA/VPSA) application

• Indicating Silica Gel/Color Changeable Silica Gel

Petrosadid: Silicagel
Petrosadid: Silicagel

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