Hydrogenation Catalyst

Petrosadid: Hydrogenation Catalyst

Hydrogenation catalyst are used in hydrogenation reaction in which molecular Hydrogen and other chemical element (often an alkene) react with each other. Nickle, palladium and platinum are some examples of hydrogenation catalyst. It is noteworthy to mention that the non-catalytic hydrogenation reaction take place at higher temperatures.

Petrosadid offers wide range of hydrogenation catalysts.

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Petrosadid: Hydrogenation Catalyst

Steps in the hydrogenation of a C=C double bond at a catalyst surface

Petrosadid: Hydrogenation Catalyst

Comparison of Activation energy of Catalytic and non-catalytic Hydrogenation

Selective Hydrogenation

# Application Material
1 Diolefin and Olefin Hydrogenation Pd, Al2O3
2 Pyrolysis Gasoline Diolefins Hydrogenation Pd, Al2O3 or Ni, Al2O3
3 C2 and C3 cuts Hydrogenation Pd, Al2O3
4 C3 cut Hydrogenation Pd, Promotor, Al2O3
5 Butadiene Hydrogenation (High Yeild of 1-Butene) Pd, Promotor, Al2O3
6 C4 cut Acetylenes Selective Hydrogenation Pd, Promotor, Al2O3
7 Butadiene Hydrogenation with 1-Butene Isomerization Pd, Al2O3

Total Hydrogenation

# Application Material
1 Olefins and Aromatics Hydrogenation Pt, Al2O3 or Ni, Al2O3

Gasoline Hydrotreating

# Application Material
1 Cracked Gasoline Diole fins & Olefins Hydrogenation NiMo, Al2O3
2 Cracked Gasoline HDS, HDN and Olefins Saturation CoMo, Al2O3

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