Rotary Cutter Mill

Petrosadid: Rotary Cutter Mill

Our organization holds expertise in providing a quality range of industrial Mills. We provide various type of high quality Mills which are widely used in extensive industries.

In the cutter mill, size reduction involves successive cutting or shearing the feed materials with the help of sharp knives.

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• Rotor disc rotate at 200-900 revolution per min.

• Feed material loaded through hopper.

• Material is cut between rotating & stationary knives in small pieces, therefore particle pass through the screen product is collected into receiver.


• Size reduction (finer than 80-100 mesh) of tough and fibrous material.

• Ex. Medicinal plant, plant parts and animal tissue.

• It also used in manufacture of rubber, plastics, recycling of paper waste and plastic material.


• Simple set-up.

• Easy to clean, operate and maintenance cost is less due to less complicated machinery involved.

• Operation is continuous.

• Less wear and tear.

• Good for coarse grinding.

• Wide range of materials (soft-hard-fibrous-tough).

• Sieve being detachable – different sizes can be used as per need.

Petrosadid: Rotary Cutter Mill

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