Filling and Discharging

Petrosadid: Filling and Discharging

PETROSADID Company is one of the most Professional suppliers specialized in various kinds of filling and discharging machine.

PETROSADID Company can supply Specialized machinery for loading/ unloading stacking

Subsequent transport, fully customized, highly efficient, longevity and cost effectiveness.

PETROSADID Company can surely provide you with the most professional products and service.

The cornerstone of our success, has been our ability to provide a quality product at a reasonable price in a timely manner.

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There are various options for the reliable filling, emptying and handling of big bags. Filling and discharge stations with integrated weigh feeders and conveying equipment, transport the bags (once they have been filled) to the next stage of the process.

Types of filling and discharging machines which are provided by us:

• Truck Loading

• Bag Filling Machine

• The bulk bag filling station

• Sack tipping and feeding station

• FIBC Discharger

• Bag dump station

• Big bag loading/ unloading

• and etc

Petrosadid: Filling and Discharging

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