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Petrosadid: Process Package

PETRSADID aim is to build a long-term relationship with the clients, and supply their requirements with providing innovative solutions through cooperation with high quality European manufacturers.

With close collaboration with our reputable partners and our esteemed clients we are honored to offer most update technologies, skills and complete after sales services in order to provide the best possible solutions and supports for increasing efficiency, optimizing the costs and troubleshooting.

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PETROSADID utilizing its extensive experiences with supporting Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries of Iran, is a unique company with representing very high demanded Process Packages including PSA Package, Heat Recovery Boilers, Reactors and Reformers and Process Heating Equipment. Our dedicative attempts is well-known by our clients as providing high quality material with best and optimized technologies.

Petrosadid: Process Package

Petrosadid target is to build long-term relationships with the customers due to having their maximum satisfaction, and support them with updated technologies and qualified products. Our expertise in process package supplying includes but not limited to Generation/Purification of industrial gases from H2 and N2 to O2 and CO2 applying Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) method, Heat Treatment Equipment, Waste Heat Recovery Unit and some other process equipment e.g. Reactors & Reformers.

In the following, there is a brief description of pure gas i.e.H2, O2, N2, CO2 and etc. generation using PSA method.


Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) System uses a fixed bed to produce a high-purity product stream. The adsorption process operates on a repeated cycle with the basic steps of adsorption and regeneration.


Impure feed gas flows into one adsorber vessel during the run step at pressure. The gas is passed over one or more adsorbent beds, the adsorbents, solid granular materials, selectively adsorb the impurities, leaving a high-purity product. Feed flow continues through the bed until the bed is just short of being fully saturated with impurities, and the feed gas is then automatically switched to a clean adsorber. The loaded adsorber is taken off line for regeneration.


Regeneration is the process of desorbing the impurities which were adsorbed during the adsorption step, followed by repressurization to adsorption pressure so that the cycle can be repeated. There are three basic steps to the regeneration process: Depressurization, Purging and Repressurization.


At the end of the adsorption step, the adsorber vessel contains a significant amount of high-purity of product gas in the void volume of the adsorbent bed. Much of this gas is saved by pressure equalization with, and purging to, other vessels, after which the adsorber is blown down to low pressure in preparation for the next step.


The impurities remaining after blow down are removed by passing pure product from a depressurizing adsorber into a counter-current direction through the adsorber.


The adsorber is now ready to be repressurised to adsorption pressure ready for a new run step. This is achieved by a series of pressure equalizations with other vessels followed by a repressurization with a slipstream of pure product gas.

Petrosadid: Process Package

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