Feeding and Mixing

Petrosadid: Feeding and Mixing

PETROSADID Company is market leading Procurement company in powder processing equipment such as Feeding and mixing systems.

We can supply various types of bulk material feeding and mixing equipment.

Our product range is serving the food, petrochemical, plastic, rubber, pharmaceutical, chemical, and mineral industries.

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Feeders are defined as machineries used in assembly and manufacturing applications to move or transport materials or product to a designated storage or to other processing equipment.

In addition, Mixing is defined as the process of thoroughly combining different materials to achieve a homogenous mass. In most cases, the mixture is a combination of dissimilar materials.

Blending of powder is concentrating on the different mechanism of mixing and the equipment that provide those mechanisms.

Some basic characteristics of mixing are:

• Mixing ratio

• Type of raw material that we are dealing with

• Temperature

• Duration of mixing time

Based open the end results desired, mixing intensity may be high, medium or low and each involves a different type of mixer.

Three basic types of mixing mechanisms are diffusive, convective and shear

You can reliably and repeatedly achieve homogeneous blends of powdered, granulated, or abrasive materials with PETROSADID company, Pioneer supplier for mixer and pneumatic blender.

Petrosadid: Feeding and Mixing

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