Petrosadid: Sifter

PETROSADID is one the prominent provider and supplier Sifter. We are engaged in offering a wide range of Sifters, which is appreciated for reliable brand, high efficient design and high performance.

We supply wide range of sifters which have extensive applications in numerous industries to suit the needs of your particular industry.

Also our providing range can be customized as per the technical specifications provided by our clients.

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What follows gives an overview of

sieving and sifters: • Sieving is a simple technique for separating particles of different sizes.

• Coarse particles are separated or broken up by grinding against one-another and screen openings.

• Depending upon the types of particles to be separated, sieves with different types of holes are used.

Vibro Sifter

The mesh is vibrated at high speed, often by an electrical device.


The rapid vibration is imparted to the particles on the sieve and the particles are less likely to “blind” the mesh.

Petrosadid: Sifter
Petrosadid: Sifter

Centrifugal Sifter:

• The Centrifugal Sifter is especially useful with very fine powders.

• Use a vertical cylindrical sieve with a high speed rotor inside the cylinder, so that particles are thrown outwards by centrifugal force.

• The current of air created by the movement helps sieving.

• Sifters are the preferred solution for:

• Policing and scalping of Raw Materials after discharge from paper sacks, boxes, “big bags”, IBC’s and bulk storage silos.

• Two-part classification and separation.

• De-dusting - removal of fine particles from main product mass.

• Re-claiming materials after de-packing.

• Final security screening before packing or bulk out-loading.

• De-watering - separating solids and liquids.

• In-Line sifting (Blowing or Vacuum Systems)

Advantageous of Sifter:

• Low noise levels

• Low plant area with high output

• Low power consumption

• No vibrations

• High efficiency

• Robust compact construction

• Easy clean

• Ease of screen inspection

• Adjustable paddle blades

• Range of machine types, sizes and finishes to suit most sifting applications

• Range of sieve materials

• Excellent inspection and cleaning access

• Easy shaft removal using standard tooling

• Improved basket design with built in tension and length adjustment

• Air regulation assembly

• ATEX certified from safe area to zone 20 internal 21 external

• Bespoke designs:

○ Pressure rated

○ In-Line (positive pressure or vacuum conveying)

Petrosadid: Sifter Petrosadid: Sifter
Petrosadid: Sifter

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