Purpose and Strategy

Petrosadid: Purpose and Strategy

Strategy overview

If you want to sustainably shape a company's future, you’ve got to provide answers to the following questions:

How do you anticipate global changes?

How do you remain the world leader in industrial digitalization?

How will you achieve long-term value creation?

We are providing answers with our Vision 2022+ company strategy.

Petrosadid’ company strategy

Petrosadid has reached numerous milestones on its journey to meeting the goals of Vision 2022. And with Vision 2022+, it is now setting the course for long-term value creation. Discover how Petrosadid is building a successful future.

Strategy sets the course

To leverage the diverse opportunities of our complex world, a company needs a clear direction, a strong internal setup, and people who follow the set course and turn plans and ideas into reality. And that’s exactly what our strategy does: it includes a sharper customer and business focus and streamlined governance.

Customer and business focus. We’re focusing on our positioning along the value chain of electrification and mechanization.

Change as opportunity

Change is a fundamental feature of today’s world. It creates future opportunities, provides momentum for entrepreneurial decisions, calls into question established points of view and inspires new maxims for action.

If you want to set the course, you can’t be guided by what others have done.
You’ve got to anticipate changes and seize the opportunities they provide.

We are leading the change and believe in innovation, smarter design and seamless ways of working. Our offerings range from individual products and services to fully integrated solutions with a single interface to ensure seamless execution in below services:

How can we help you?

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