Fired Heater

Petrosadid: Fired Heater

In Oil & Gas segment fired heaters are an essential requirement for heating Thermic fluid , process fluids Feed stock , charge heating , steam heating and for thermal cracking .in the refinery segment of oil & gas sector, The design of these units depends on the application and the choice can be between ‘vertical cylindrical' or ‘box-type furnace' designs. These units are offered either for Offshore or for On shore installation.

Petrosadid supplies all types of fired heaters through its partners who are experienced with the requirements of ISO 13705 (API 560) and related standards within the industry. Our professional partners have been delivered Fired Heaters by bringing experience, expertise, innovation, technology and cost-effectiveness.

With maintenance, after sales service, spare parts supply and training the client’s employee, Petrosadid ensure the sustainable operation of your systems and equipment.

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The heaters are designed in accordance to API codes, are equipped with multi fuel firing capabilities and are engineered to operate at high efficiency. The design can incorporate air pre heat systems that make use of carbon steel, cast iron or glass tubes to achieve high efficiency.

PETROSADID service covers all performance areas to handle a variety of fuels like:

• Gas - Natural gas, Refinery gas, Off gases, Stripper column off gas

• Liquids - Diesel, Furnace oil, Bunker oil, Heavies in the process industry, grease, crude oil


Petrosadid offers complete range of heaters adapted to suit the process requirements and the plant layouts to facilitate the installation of these units. The types supplied can be classified based on the geometry or the direction of fuel firing:

Geometry Based

• Vertical cylindrical

• Horizontal cylindrical

• Cabin type


Direction Of Fuel Firing

• Up fired units

• Down fired units

• Horizontal fired side wall fired

Petrosadid: Fired Heater

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LIQUID phase heaters for

• Mineral oils / Synthetic oils

• Molten salt heaters

VAPOUR phase heaters for

• Synthetic Oil / Mineral Oil vaporizers

• Hydrocarbon vaporizers

Process industry heaters

• Steam superheaters

• Charge heaters

• Start up heaters


Ethylene Di Chloride Cracker

• Acetic Acid Cracker

• Gas Cracker

Fired Heaters For The Up Stream Segment

Crude pumping stations

Tank farm heating

Hot oil heaters on Gas turbine exhaust or incinerator exhaust

Water glycol heaters

Steam flood boilers


Fired Heaters For The Down Stream Segment

Crude distillation

Vacuum distillation

Delayed coker

Fluid Catalytic Cracker Unit (FCCU)

Diesel Hydro Desulfurization Treatment (DHDT) Plants

Naphtha vaporizers in hydrogen

Motor Spirits Quality (MSQ) heaters

Naphtha Splitter Unit (NSU) section

Petrosadid: Fired Heater

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