Conveyor Belt

Petrosadid: Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belt is used as the carrying medium of a belt conveyor system. A conveyor belt is rubber or textile structure with a belt shape closed ring, with a vulcanized or metallic joint, used for material transportation. It is used by various industries like coal, steel, automobile and many more.

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Types of Conveyor Belt

• Slider Bed

• Roller Bed

• Horizontal Belt Conveyor

• Incline and Decline Conveyor

• Brake and Meter Conveyor

• Metal Conveyor

• Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor

• Portable Conveyor

Petrosadid: Conveyor Belt

Advantages of Conveyor Belt

• Silent continuous transport.

• Require less manpower.

• Require simple arrangements both at loading & unloading ends.

• Multipoint loading is convenient.

• Less prone to breakdowns.

Petrosadid: Conveyor Belt

Specification of Conveyor Belt

Petrosadid: Conveyor Belt

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