Bulk Handling Tools

Petrosadid: Bulk Handling Tools

PETROSADID Company is the renowned Iranian provider and supplier of all type of bulk material handling equipment suitable for a wide range of industries.

PETROSADID Company is covering a vast spectrum of industries such as:


• Food

• Chemistry

• Pharmaceutical

• Plastics

• Petrochemical

• Rubber

• Cement

• Mineral

• Iron ore

and etc.

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PETROSADID company has concentrated on the supply of appreciated brands, high quality technology, used to meet successful handling of bulk materials.

We have gained specialization providing high quality products to meet your toughest demand.

We are specialized for handling of dry bulk material such as Poly ethylene, poly propylene, Ammonium sulfate, Sodium Cyanide, Ester Acrylates, Super Absorbing Polymers, Fumaric acid, Sodium formate, Urea, Heavy aromatics, PVC/ MAH/ PBT/ SBS/ SB/ EPS, Ores, Coal, Cereals, Wood chips, Sand, Gravel, Stone and etc. in loose bulk form.

Bulk material handling systems are mainly comprised of equipment such as: Pneumatic conveying systems, screw conveyor, mechanical conveyor, filling systems, discharging systems, feeding system, mixers, blenders, bulk storage, dryers, extruders, compounding machines, sifter and size reduction machines and etc.

Why we score over our competitors?

• Quality assured products.

• Custom-centric approach.

• Timely delivery of orders.

• Products at competitive prices.

• Excellence customer satisfaction.

• Total conveying, weighing, mixing, blending, batching and packaging solution for the customers.

• Team of qualified & experienced professionals.

Petrosadid: Bulk Handling Tools

Backed by a skilled and multi-talented team of professionals, we are able to provide our customers with world-class equipment like bulk material handling, dust filtration and mixing equipment. Our personnel pay proper attention to two factors high product quality & price performance ratio and make our equipment the number one choice for all projects. Their dexterity allows us to supply custom-designed equipment and meet the individual needs of the clients.

The cornerstone of our success lies in a proactive management & excellent product quality.

We work with the aim to reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Petrosadid: Bulk Handling Tools

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