Screw Feeder

Petrosadid: Screw Feeder

PETROSADID Company provides you a full range of screw feeders to convey and feed materials in quantities ranging from a tiny to tons per hour to precisely meet your requirement.

PETROSADID Company is renowned and reputable in the Iranian market because of excellent properties of products which supplies by us like supreme quality, durability, tensile strength, consistency in performance and smooth operation.

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What follows gives you an information about Screw type of feeders:

• Used for handling bulk materials, in which a rotating helicoid screw moves the material forward, toward and into a process unit.

• Very similar to screw conveyors in their basic structure

• Capable of delivering dense slurries and dry granular products with great accuracy at a range of operational speeds

• Drives is controlled by servo motors capable of precise stop-start and speed control

• The geometry of the shaft flight guarantees a uniform product flow and product. For use as dosing and conveyor screw for powders and granulates.


• A guaranteed uniform product flow.

• Robust construction of the housing.

• Longer maintenance intervals.

• Simple design.

Petrosadid: Screw Feeder

Single Screw Feeder

Petrosadid: Screw Feeder

Twin Screw Feeder

Volumetric Screw Feeders

• Amount of material transported is carefully calculated and controlled by adjusting the speed at which screw turns.

• Very accurate feed values to be maintained

• Rotational speed may be preset to constantly adjusted

Petrosadid: Screw Feeder

Gravimetric screw feeder

• Delivery rate is controlled by adjusting the rate at which the material is introduced into the machine

Petrosadid: Screw Feeder

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