Rotary (API 676)

Petrosadid: Rotary (API 676)

Petrosadid Company is able to procure all types of pumps based on API 676 includes screw and gear pumps.

Rotary pumps are the ones that trap the liquid between rotors and casing/other rotors to increase the kinetic energy of the fluid in order to create a desired pressure through the system. These pumps are actually a type of Positive displacement pumps

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Screw Pump

General Description

The two- and three Screw pumps are used to pump oils or other lubricating liquids, non-lubricating liquids, or liquids with poor lubricating properties. The characteristics of the screw pumps are self-priming, very high efficiency, very low noise level and very well suited for use with variable speed drives (FU). The liquid is moved fully continuously, virtually without pulsations, without turbulence, crushing, or loss of lubrication.


Single- / -double channel, self-priming; the spindles have special shapes that create sealed chambers, the contents of which are continuously moved in an axial direction from the suction side to the pressure side as the spindles rotate. Despite rotation of the spindles, no turbulence results.

The uniform chamber volumes eliminate crushing forces.


• Wide range of applications

• Self-priming

• Pumped capacity proportional to speed

• Compact construction

• Direct drive without speed-reducer possible

• Change of pumping direction - simple

• Pumping elements - simple to replace

• Easy maintenance

• For almost all media and fluids

• High viscosities possible

• Low pulsations

• Low noise level

• Dry running possible

• Constant flow on varying pressures and volumes

• Very good suction performance up to NPSH 1 - 1,5 m/3 - 5 feet

• Engineered 2-piece shaft and screw construction

Scopes of Application

• Downstream

• Marine

• Offshore

• Industry

• Food and Pharma

• Up- and Midstream

Petrosadid: Rotary (API 676)

Gear Pump

Rotary Gear Pumps General

• Rotary gear pumps are multipurpose pumps with double helical gears are self-priming pump with 5 mtr suction left compact in size.

• Low noise high efficiency easy maintenance

• Longer life

• Economical

• Double helical gears to reduce axial thrust

Rotary Gear Pumps Applications

• L.D.O.

• Highly Viscous Or Semi Viscous Liquids

• Hot Grease And Tallow

• Soap Spray Mixture

• F.O.

• Soft Drinks

• Syrups

• Tar

• Glue plant

• Glycerin

• Food Industries

• Liquors

• Kerosene

• Dyes

• Bitumen

• Paper Pulp

• Resins And Pigments

• Chemical Plants etc...

Rotary Gear Pumps Operating Range

• Capacity - Q- Up To 125 M3/Hr.

• TDH H - Up To 17 Kg/Cm2

• Pump Sizes - DN 12 mm To 150 mm

• Viscosity 100000 CST

• Speed - N - Max. Speed In 1440 rpm Reduction As A Function Of Viscosity

• Temperature up to 250° C

Rotary Gear Pumps Material of Construction

• Cast Iron

• Cast Steel ( WCB)

• Gun Metal

• SS-304

• Alloy- 20

• SS-316


• Hastelloy

• Titanium

Petrosadid: Rotary (API 676)

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