Petrosadid: Homogenizer

Our organization holds expertise in providing a quality range of industrial homogenizers, which is fabricated in tandem with the set industry standards. These machines can perform various functions including mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, disintegrating and dissolving with efficiency. We provide high quality homogenizers in different models, and capacities ranging from 5 to 30,000 liters as per the client's demand.

Noteworthy: Our providing range can be customized as per the technical specifications provided by our clients.

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The process of homogenizing requires the breakdown of particle sizes to create a uniform emulsion or suspension. Particles or droplets must be reduced in size and be evenly distributed within some liquid medium. The homogenizer achieves outstanding homogenization of fluids and de-agglomeration of solids through:

• Extreme Inline Cavitation

• Fluid Acceleration

• Inline Turbulent Flow

The homogenizer does not require mechanical shear and uses no moving parts to achieve excellent homogenizing results.


• By using pressure plunger, the liquid product is pumped through a specially designed adjustable valve which creates high pressure

• This pressure generates high shear force

• Cell disruption only accomplished when

• sudden pressure drop upon discharge

• impingement in the valve

• high liquid shear in the orifice

Petrosadid: Homogenizer
Petrosadid: Homogenizer


• High Pressure Plunger

• Adjustable Valve

Petrosadid: Homogenizer
Petrosadid: Homogenizer

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