Methanation Catalyst

Petrosadid: Methanation Catalyst

Methanation reaction converts COx and H2 to methane and water for purifying syngas from traces of carbon oxides and production of methane. In fact, the Methanation reaction is the reverse reaction of methane steam reforming, which produce Syngas. CO and CO2 Methanation reactions are described by following reactions, respectively:

CO + 3 H2 → CH4 + H2O ∆ = -206 KJ/mol

CO2 + 4 H2 → CH4 + 2H2O ∆ = -164 KJ/mol

The catalyst provides long service life and appropriate performance for Methanation reaction. Methanation reaction over various supported metal catalyst including Ni, Ru and Rh has been widely employed in Methanation process. Between all the catalyst Nickel is the most popular catalyst used catalyst due to its high selectivity and low cost.

Based on the operation conditions, Petrosadid offers Methanation catalysts in both Pre-reduced state ore Oxydation State.

Petrosadid offers wide range of Hydroprocessing catalysts.

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Petrosadid: Methanation Catalyst
Petrosadid: Methanation Catalyst
Petrosadid: Methanation Catalyst

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