Petrosadid: Compressor

Compressors constitute an important part of the mechanical equipment in oil and gas refineries and petrochemical plants. Compressors are used for different applications in the main and auxiliary process cycles:

• Recycling compressors designed to provide a steady flow of process gas through a closed circuit in order to maintain the required process parameters in the plant units

• Feed compressors supplying process gas to reactor

• Booster compressors

• Sales gas compressors

Electrically-driven reciprocating and centrifugal compressors are most commonly used in oil and gas refining facilities.

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Depending on application, compressors are manufactured as positive-displacement and dynamic. Positive displacement types fall in two basic categories: reciprocating and rotary. The reciprocating compressor consists of one or more cylinders each with a piston or plunger that moves back and forth, displacing a positive volume with each stroke.

Petrosadid: Compressor

Compressor performance

The dynamic types include radial-flow (centrifugal), axial flow, and mixed flow machines. They are rotary continuous flow compressors in which the rotating element (impeller or bladed rotor) accelerates the gas as it passes through the element, converting the velocity head into static pressure, partially in the rotating element and partially in stationary diffusers or blades.

Reciprocating compressors should be supplied with clean gas as they cannot satisfactorily handle liquids and solid particles that may be entrained in the gas. Liquids and solid particles tend to destroy cylinder lubrication and cause excessive wear. Liquids are non-compressible and their presence could rupture the compressor cylinder or cause other major damage.


Compressor Solution


Changing crude oil qualities, stringent environmental regulations are creating new challenges. Highest availability and lowest life cycle costs get more important.

Petrosadid: Compressor

Gas Transport and Storage

The liquefaction of natural gas reduces volume by factor 600. we offer economic solution for the compressing and liquefying of BOG .

Petrosadid: Compressor

Petrochemical/ Chemical industry

Lacquers, Synthetic rubbers, solvents, paints, fertilizer, detergents or textiles entails the processing of oil and natural gas. We offer the corresponding compressor solutions.

Petrosadid: Compressor

Upstream Oil and Gas

The exploration and production of oil and natural gas requires a variety of compressor solution. We offered tailored systems.

Petrosadid: Compressor

Industrial Gases

In the metal working, in the green or energy technology, various compressors are used for the production of industrial gases.

Petrosadid: Compressor

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