Petrosadid: Analyzer

Process analyzer system integration provides solutions for gas and liquid measurements to support product refinement, process efficiency, and safety.

Petrosadid designs and assembles complete measurement solutions taking into account the process requirements, customer specifications, sample properties and the analyzer requirements, in order to: repeatedly and accurately measure the process sample. Petrosadid, ensure, that the system is built with the end user in mind, considering life cycle and maintenance issues from the initial concept, and throughout design development.

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Petrosadid can offer a variety of housings for the analyzer systems including Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Glass Reinforced Plastic and Concrete. Analyzer houses and enclosures can be designed to NFPA 496, IEC 61285 or any other commonly available standard.

Customers face real challenges in maintaining analyzer systems and automating process quality in their plants to achieve a vigilant system.

Refinery, petrochemical, gas, and power plants must keep their process analyzers running with low cost of ownership. This can be achieved by the right choice of process analyzer and well-designed sampling system to analyze the components of interest.

It is important to pass on analytical expertise to the next generation.

Costs must be minimized in maintaining analyzer systems and improving process yield and throughput by using new technologies. On-line product quality control is crucial for ensuring plant safety.

Petrosadid: Analyzer



Petrosadid offers a one-stop solution and value-added partnership for analyzer systems.

Core competence in process application know-how, analyzer products with system integration and the ability to provide worldwide consulting on effective analyzers and system solutions.


Delivering Analytical Solutions

Feed & detailed engineering of turnkey analytical systems

From sampling take-off point to network communication with plant controls

Design & fabrication of process analyzer systems, including sampling probes, sampling systems, racks, field cabinets and temperature controlled analyzer housings for the toughest environments

Special systems such as LNG samplers, recovery systems, blast-proof & fire rated analyzer housings, auto-validation system, etc.


Full Life Cycle Support

Selection of analyzers, consulting on instrumentation & application

Supervision of installation at site

Start-up, commissioning & SAT at site

After sales support / maintenance contracts

In order to offer a complete range of product for the analysis, Petrosadid supplies:

Liquid analyzer

Process gas analyzer

Petrosadid: Analyzer
Petrosadid: Analyzer

• PH, conductivity, ORP, resistivity

• Total dissolved solids (TDS)

• Total suspended Solids (TSS)

• Turbidity, Alkalinity

• Free and total chlorine

• Dissolved oxygen

• Specific ion analyzers: Ammonia, Bromide, Cadmium, Calcium, Copper, Cydnaide, Fluoride Potassium, Sodium, Sulphide etc.

• Oil in water - Insitu & extractive

• Water cut

• Steam water analysis system

• Customized analyzer system

Petrosadid: Analyzer

• Continuous emission monitoring system

• Opacity measurement

• Particular matter

• Ultrasonic flow

• Data acquisition system

• O2 analyzers

• Loop powered O2 analyzers

• Moisture and trace oxygen analyzers

• TCD, FID, NIR, UV & IR analyzers

• Laser gas analyzers

• Combustion analyzers

• Ambient air quality analyzers and stations

• Potable analyzers

• Total sulphurs

• Custom designed analyzer shelters and cabinets

Petrosadid: Analyzer

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