Chain Conveyor

Petrosadid: Chain Conveyor

We offer an extensive range of chain conveyor customized as per the client's demand.

CHAIN CONVEYORS are in operation all over the world in many different industry sectors handling a huge variety of bulk materials such as:


flour, rice, tea, miscellaneous powders, flakes, granules, pellets, Animal Feeds and Cereals wheat, barley, oats, corn, oil, seeds, miscellaneous Feed ingredients and products, meals, pellets, flakes

Chemicals and Minerals:

cement, sand, glass cullet, fly ash, limestone, ores, coal, fertilisers, miscellaneous, powders, flakes, granules, pellet

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• A well-designed chain conveyor made up of high-quality material is an excellent means of conveying abrasive and high temperature materials, or withstanding the effects of impact when handling large lumps.

• Chain conveyors employ single or double strands of continuous wrapped around head and tail end sprockets.

• Units can be arranged for operation horizontally, inclined, or vertical.

Petrosadid: Chain Conveyor

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