Discharging Station

Petrosadid: Discharging Station

PETROSADID Company has gained specialization providing various kinds of high quality discharging systems and machines.

Discharging system are typically comprised of equipment such as:

Bulk bag unloader

Bag dump station

Sack discharge station

Sack tipping

FIBC Discharger

Big bag unloading

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Bulk bag unloader with hoist or forklift, allows any type of discharge with maximum efficiency. This product allows the operator to work in safe environment, without any dust leakage during unloading.

This device has been designed to accommodate a variety of bag styles and sizes.

FIBC can contain load capacities between 500kgs to 2000kgs.

Petrosadid: Discharging Station
Petrosadid: Discharging Station

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