Transfer Line Exchanger

Petrosadid: Transfer Line Exchanger

The most common application of Transfer Line Exchangers is in Olefin plants where ethylene after production in steam cracking stage shall be quenched to be cool enough to proceed the process. The cracking process occurs in the radiant coils of a pyrolysis furnace where gas flows at low pressure and temperatures between 700 °C and 1000 °C depending on the feedstock type. Because the olefins formed are chemically unstable at these temperatures gas must be quickly quenched below a critical temperature within a very short interval “residence time” of milliseconds to provide the highest yield. Necessity to the rapid cooling or quenching handles in the transfer line exchangers where the high heat fluids is applied to produce high pressure steam.

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Transfer line exchangers operate under very harsh conditions. Coke particles in the hot gas cause two major problems in traditional heat exchangers: erosion and fouling. A third potential problem is corrosion on the water side of the heat exchanger due to poor water quality control. These problems can cause severe failures, and in the worst case production loss. PETROSADID due to its prelatures, the highly reactive cracked cooperation with reputable European companies, offers the best quality and performance in TLE exchangers.

Petrosadid: Transfer Line Exchanger

TRANSFER LINE EXCHANGERS provide the following operation advantages:

• Low pressure drop

• Low residence time

• Short tubes and compact Transfer Line Exchangers (TLE)

• Minimized steelwork requirements

• Ethylene stabilization temperature reached in one pass

• Automatic adjustment to the heat load in each process tube

• Maximum cooling

• Low mechanical stresses

• Online decoking reduces and even eliminates the need of mechanical cleaning

• Quick reaction to changes in operation

• TLE operation in vertical upflow or downflow direction as well as in horizontal orientation

Petrosadid: Transfer Line Exchanger
Petrosadid: Transfer Line Exchanger

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