Pneumatic Blender

Petrosadid: Pneumatic Blender

PETROSADID company has concentrated on the providing of appreciated brands, high quality technology, used to meet successful blending of bulk materials.

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The innovative pneumatic blender without any mechanical parts inside the machine is suitable for high abrasive and fragile products. A large amount of product can be blended, more fuel efficient than mechanical blending, versatility and easy cleaning, makes the application of pneumatic blending in different fields possible.

Reliable & Efficient Pneumatic blender, built with few moving parts, blend powders and granulate quickly, cleanly, and efficiently, with consistent results. Equipped with six or twelve wear-resistant aerators mounted around a housing cone, gentle blasts of compressed air are injected into the center of the batch. This action softly lifts materials upward and outward until the blending target is achieved. Adjusting the air pressure, on/off duration, and the number of pulses optimizes the blending action.

Petrosadid: Pneumatic Blender

The integration of the blender under a transporter generates the "Blender Transporter" technology where it is possible to mix in dense phase inside the transporter and then convey the product.


• No wear because the blender has no mechanical moving parts in contact with the product;

• No product deterioration thanks to the lack of mechanical parts inside the machine;

• No maintenance and cleaning time reduction;

• Ability to blend larger volumes of products in a single batch;

• Use of inert gas as blending force;

• High blending speed;

• Energy savings compared to mechanical blenders;

• Available in ATEX & DAIRY version.

Petrosadid: Pneumatic Blender

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