Pup Joints, X-overs & Accessories

Petrosadid: Pup Joints, X-overs & Accessories

We at Petrosadid know that it’s the small things that matter. Therefore, we have committed ourselves to supply every demand, be it complete tubing strings or single pieces of accessories. Because of our strong world-wide connection, our flexible production will guarantee the quickest delivery.

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Pup Joints are shorter versions of casing and tubing, used to adjust the length of a string to its’ exact requirements.

Starting from Macaroni sizes up to heavy wall test strings and with different connections we offer a huge range of specifications. And in case we should not stock exactly the Pup Joints you need, you can count on our fast supply service thanks to our big stock of pre-material.

Petrosadid: Pup Joints, X-overs & Accessories

Pup Joint specifications:

Petrosadid: Pup Joints, X-overs & Accessories

X-Overs are used to connect pipes or equipment with two different ODs and/or connections. Other proprietary connections and accessories, that are not part of our standard program, can be supplied on request.

Petrosadid: Pup Joints, X-overs & Accessories

Accessory Tools  

Whip stock is a tool that allows to deviate the well directionally. It serves as a deflection tool to change the course or during a sidetrack. This tool is used less and less and replaced by bent-housing motors.

Jars - a jar, hydraulic or mechanical, is a percussion tool that provides jarring power by releasing a stroke/piston inside the tool. The tool installed on top of the fishing assembly and provides rapid pulling force, when the fishing string cannot be pulled

Jar Impact Amplifier - a tool that amplifies jarring power

Drilling Safety Joint is a deliberately made weakest link in the drill string, to release the fishing string from the drill pipe, if required. It is vital to have it when the fish is caught and secured, but the assembly cannot be removed from the well, due to high tension.

Bumper subs - serves as a dampener and allows high torque and fluid circulation, when bumping up and down is required. It could be used during pipe and tubing recovery, packer retrieval and heavy milling.

Besides the above, Petrosadid provides a wide range of other accessory pieces, such as:

Blast Joints

Flow Couplings


Petrosadid: Pup Joints, X-overs & Accessories

Fishing Tool is a specialized tool which is used to retrieve a dropped object from the wellbore. The dropped object may be drilling equipment like drill string, casings and drill bits. The Fishing Tool may also be required to retrieve older well equipment like packers, liners, tubing or any stuck object in the well. It is mandatory to retrieve these pieces of equipment from the wellbore so as to continue will the drilling operations.

Petrosadid: Pup Joints, X-overs & Accessories

Fishing (in the oilfield sense) refers to the recovery of unwanted material left in the wellbore. Numerous situations can occur that require fishing:

Items dropped into the hole from the rig floor.

Failure of surface equipment, especially pumps, which allows the hole to cave in and stick the drill string.

Differential sticking to a permeable formation.

Key seating, where a slot is worn into the wall of the well.

Twist-offs resulting from a stuck drill string being rotated until the pipe shears above the sticking point.

Loss of portions of downhole equipment, such as stabilizer fragments and bit cones.

Drill string failure from such causes as metal fatigue, H2S embrittlement, differential sticking, and overstressed drilling assembly, causing a twist-off.

Pulling the drill string apart when trying to free stuck pipe.

Bridging off by swelling formations or a collapsed hole.

When material is left in the hole due to these or other factors, a decision must be made whether to try to recover the material, to sidetrack around the original material, to abandon the well, or to attempt to complete in a shallower zone.

Because all but the first of these options are costly, and the last is often undesirable, an attempt to recover the fish is almost always made.

There are various tools available that are run into the hole to fish an object. Each tool is designed to perform a certain task for a certain type of the object lost in the well. Broad categories are:

Catch tools  

Catching tool (spear) - When a pipe must be fished, internal catching tool (spear) is used. The tool fits inside the pipe (fish) and grips it for further retrieval, in case a fishing operation failed. The tool should be retrievable mechanically or hydraulically.

Petrosadid: Pup Joints, X-overs & Accessories

Overshot - When a down-hole tool or pipe must be gripped outside, a tool called overshot is used in case fishing operation failed. The tool should be retrievable mechanically or hydraulically.

Wash pipe - is a large diameter thin-wall pipe, with cutting teeth at the bottom, that mill the fish to a more manageable shape, after which drilling fluid is used to remove debris and another fishing tool used to remove the remaining fish. This is also called “wash-over operation” and used as a last choice, due to high risk of sticking in the well.

Junk Tools  

Junk Basket is lowered to the well after the fish has been grinded. Drilling fluid would force the debris to travel towards the junk basket, after which the basket is retrieved to the surface

Petrosadid: Pup Joints, X-overs & Accessories

Fishing Magnets are used for retrieval of any steel debris and small metal particles in the well.

Junk Magnet is a tool that removes metal particles from the drilling fluid

Impression Block is a tool that identifies shape, condition and dimensions of the upper end of the fish and position in the well, in order to determine next course of actions and select the right fishing tool.

Wire-line Spear recovers damaged wireline or wire rope from the well

Milling Tools Junk Mill is a tool that grinds the fish into smaller pieces

Petrosadid: Pup Joints, X-overs & Accessories

Mills - there are various type of milling tools used for specific applications. The list of the tools is diverse and includes: tapper mill reamer, cement mills, string taper mills and cone buster mills. Major difference between them is the purpose of the milling job, i.e. light vs. heavy milling, the size and shape of the milling object.

Petrosadid: Pup Joints, X-overs & Accessories

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