Sifting a Size Reduction

Petrosadid: Sifting a Size Reduction

PETROSADID Company is one of the leading Iranian provider and supplier of size reduction and separation equipment efficient in quality.

Our organization is engaged in offering a wide range of Screen, Mill, Grinder, Crusher, Sifter and Homogenizer which is manufactured in compliance with the set industry standards. Our supplying range finds extensive application in numerous industries.

Size separation is a unit operation that involves the separation of mixture of various size of particles into two or more portion by means of screening surface also known as sieving, sifting, classifying or screening.

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Objectives of size reduction:

• Increase the chemical rate of reaction.

• Improves mixing and minimize segregation.

• Topical preparation containing good spread ability and less irritating.

• Absorption capacity is increase.

• Cosmetic products containing fine powder is less gritty.

Petrosadid: Sifting a Size Reduction
Petrosadid: Sifting a Size Reduction

Size reduction equipment and grinding systems


Hardness, Toughness, Stickiness, Slipperiness, Moisture content, Melting or Softening point, Material Structure, Abrasiveness, Size of the starting material, Quantity of material to be reduced, Size, Shape, Flow, Bulk density of the product and Ratio of feed size to product size




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