Petrosadid: Pelletizer

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Pelletizing is a non-pressure (tumble growth) agglomeration method used throughout variety of industries to process all sorts of materials.

Pelletizing produces uniform, round pellets through the use of either a disc pelletizer, or agglomeration drum. Disc pelletizers are a more common choice for the pelletizing process, with agglomeration drums being reserved for more specific applications requiring a robust, high capacity solution.

Petrosadid: Pelletizer

What follows gives an overview of the disc pelletizing process.

In an application using an agglomeration drum, the process would be similar, with only the replacement of the disc with the drum.


Material fines are first conditioned in a pin or paddle mixer. Not all processes utilize a conditioning step, but in many cases, those that do see many benefits from it, including reduced binder costs, increased production, and an improved product.

Conditioning a material helps to prepare it for optimal pellet formation, and ultimately creates a more refined product.


Once material has been conditioned, it can be fed to the disc pelletizer.

For processes that do not utilize a conditioning step, this is where the process begins.

Material fines and binder are fed onto the rotating disc at a continuous rate. The material fines become tacky through the addition of the binder, allowing them to pick up more fines as they tumble on the disc, similar to rolling a snowball.

Petrosadid: Pelletizer

Once pellets have reached the desired size, they exit the disc pelletizer, and are most commonly carried via a conveyor belt into a dryer to bring the pellets down to the desired moisture level.


Drying essentially “cures” the pellets into their final, hardened form, allowing them to be

durable enough to withstand further handling, but still capable of breaking down as needed.

The drying step can be carried out using either a fluid bed dryer, or a rotary dryer, with rotary dryers being the more robust choice.

In a rotary dryer, pellets tumble through the drum, with flights picking up the material and showering it through a stream of hot air or combustion gas.

This efficiently dries and hardens the pellets into their final form.

Petrosadid: Pelletizer

Rotary Drier

Dried pellets then typically go through a screening process, where on-size pellets are separated out to move on to packaging or transport, under-size pellets are put back into the process as recycle, and over-size pellets are broken down to be put back into the process as recycle.

It is also sometimes desirable to cool pellets prior to bagging or storage. In this case, a rotary cooler is often used, offering the same advantages as a rotary dryer. Again, fluid bed coolers are also an option.

Simplified Pelletizing Diagram

1. Paddle/Pin Mixer

2. Disc Pelletizer

3. Liquid Spray System

4. Transfer Conveyor

5. Rotary Dryer

6. Vibrating Screen

7. Oversize Mill

8. Surge Hopper

Petrosadid: Pelletizer

Pelletizing results in a durable pellet that can withstand handling, but still break down quickly under standard field conditions. Choosing quality equipment will go a long way in providing for an efficient, long-lasting operation that produces an optimum product.

Choosing quality equipment will not only aid in process efficiency, but will also typically require less maintenance and down time, and will often result in prolonged equipment life.

You can rely on PETROSADID Company to deliver assured production efficiencies and long-term performance reliabilities to solve your pelletizing challenges

Advantages of pelletizing:

1- Dust free product handling

2- Simplified transportation

3- Segregation prevention

4- Dust loss prevention

5- Elimination of dust and fines

6- Increased process flow effectiveness

7- Increased process efficiency

8- Improved product characteristics and appearance

Noteworthy: Pelletizing CARBON BLACK makes it easy to transport.

Petrosadid: Pelletizer

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