Fabrication Expediting

Petrosadid: Fabrication Expediting

Petrosadid has a department entirely dedicated to overseeing client contract tracking, supplier contacts and deliveries.

A single contact person is assigned to each client in an effort to streamline, to the greatest extent possible, administrative paperwork while ensuring orders are being filled successfully.

This department also provides clients with an up-to-date status report on order progress.

Our professional team are caring about following steps of fabricating and report to the client step by step:

• Providing for purchasing of raw materials, sub equipment and components.

• issue of documents, drawings in engineering and designing parts.

• Manufacturing

This department also provides clients with an up-to-date status report on order progress.

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Performance Based Maintenance

Petrosadid: Fabrication Expediting

The proper application of the instructions will be submitted to the clients as Operating & Maintenance Manuals as a very important document for the correct functionality of the plant/product. Petrosadid provide this document for each project dedicatedly with its proficiency in maximum reliability and in user-friend mode.

Petrosadid: Fabrication Expediting

In order to optimize operation of the plants with minimum maintenance costs and requirements in accordance with performance and mechanical guarantees and warrantees provided with the plant, it is very important to follow the Operating & Maintenance Manuals instructions.

Petrosadid cooperating with qualified and reputable partners in all over the world is specialize in providing preventive and corrective maintenance to the clients delivering equipment, spare parts, repairs, engineering support, monitoring, diagnostics, technical services and troubleshooting.

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