Screw Mixer

Petrosadid: Screw Mixer

Conical screw mixer features a slow-turning auger screw that gently lifts batch materials upward as it orbits around a conical vessel.

Materials carried to the top of batch then cascade slowly back down into regions opposite the moving auger screw.

The conical screw mixer also available for vacuum feeding and vacuum drying function. Vacuum feeder equipping on top of the mixer employed to transport the materials.

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Petrosadid: Screw Mixer


• It consists of a vertical vessel with a screw rotating to achieve the circulation of material and secondly the elevation of material.

• This results in intermixing of solid grains as well as shear action to the ones in contact with the screw or the walls of container.

• The feed enters from bottom usually with aim to nullify the gravity factor which could escape the molecules without desired mixing.

• Two vessel shapes are normally used for this category, the cylindrical and the conical


• Mixing and homogenization of powders, pastes and slurries

• Granulation or agglomeration of powders

• Addition or injection of liquids into dry powders

• Reaction under vacuum or pressure conditions

• Processing of powders under inert conditions

• Heating and cooling of powders

• Storage of non-free flowing powders

• De aeration or densification of powders

• Homogenization of particle size and color

Petrosadid: Screw Mixer
Petrosadid: Screw Mixer
Petrosadid: Screw Mixer

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