Sulphur Recovery Catalyst

Petrosadid: Sulphur Recovery Catalyst

Sulphur recovery catalyst is employed to the sulfur recovery unit which also known as claus units used to recover elemental Sulphur from sour gas or acid gas. Claus

2 H2S + SO2 → 3 S + 2 H2O      (ΔH = -1165.6 kJ mol−1)

Petrosadid offers a wide range of Sulphur recovery catalysts.

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Claus Catalyst

# Application Material
1 Oxygen Scavenger Al2O3
2 Claus Reaction Al2O3
3 Claus Reaction + hydrolysis of COS hydrolysis Al2O3
4 Claus Reaction + COS/CS2 hydrolysis TiO2
5 Active Bed Support for Claus reactors Al2O3

Tail Gas Treatment Catalyst

# Application Material
1 Tail Gas Treatment CoMo, Al2O3
Petrosadid: Sulphur Recovery Catalyst

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