Petrosadid: Non API

Since some applications are working with medium duty ranges of equipment, Petrosadid can supply any non-API centrifugal pumps with specific Client's specification, mainly vertical, horizontal and submersible pumps, from well-known manufacturer around the work with wide range of capacity.

Our vendors are focused on the design, development, and manufacture of custom engineered pumps, custom motors, and related hydraulic devices for mission critical applications.

our vendors’ years of experience with product development have led to a proven step-by-step process for bringing a custom pump product from concept to reality. Potential customers who call us will be able to have an open and frank discussion about whether or not a custom hydraulic solution is right for them. We are in touch with the most well-known manufacturers all over the world and can reply you in the shortest possible time.

We want to work with customers that know their market, and have the vision for a solution to serve it. If your solution involves a custom pump or related product, then we can help you.

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