Rotary Valve

Petrosadid: Rotary Valve

The comprehensive range of Rotary Valve offered by us is extensively used for vast applications.

They are used to seal the pressurized systems against loss of air while maintaining a flow of material.

The rotary airlock control system is used in the dust collector and in Airbag Filter Equipment.

They are widely used in the purpose of pneumatic conveying applications.

They are used in the dust collector filter in the air filter bags.

These are applicable for pollution control in wood, grain, food, textile, paper, tobacco, rubber, and paint industries

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Rotary air locks are a cost-effective solution and easily to install.

The industrial rotary valve which PETROSADID Company offers you, is made using top quality material and best grade components. And they are a cost-effective solution and easily to install.

PETROSADID Company is renowned in the Iranian market because of excellent properties of the products which supplies by us, like supreme quality, durability, tensile strength, consistency in performance and smooth operation.

The industrial rotary valve is provided in various industry standard specifications and are even customized as per the client's request.

The rotary airlock valve is used to feed the substance into the location without any kind of air in the inlet and outlet process. This airlock valve functions are to control the flow of materials and lock the air from entering it. These valves are used in various industries to enhance the function of the processes.

PETROSADID Company provides rotary valve in various shape, size, dimension and in best price.

The rotary airlock valves can be made from a variety of material, including: Cast Iron, SG Iron, Stainless steel 316F, Aluminum (Hastelloy, Inconel and other special metals on request)

Petrosadid: Rotary Valve
Petrosadid: Rotary Valve

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