Petrosadid: Burner

PETROSADID is a leading supplier of process burner systems in the refining, oil and gas, petrochemical, pharma, energy recovery, cement and lime industries for different type of fuels. This equipment is usually categorized by flame shape, fuel type and other characteristics.

PETROSADID has been cooperating with the cutting edge manufacturing companies producing solutions for industrial burners to reach the best performances and lowest emission in force of the world’s best technology and in terms of reliability and efficiency. So today we offer Best Available Technologies to provide sustainable, reliable, flexible and robust solutions for the comprehensive range of high power burners dedicated to the industrial sector such as followings:

• Heat recovery boilers and heaters including flame tube boilers, water tube boilers, thermal oil heat exchangers, bath heaters and tube and shell heat exchangers

• Direct fired heaters and boilers

• Sulphur recovery units (SRU) including main reactor burner, main thermal reactor and tail gas incinerator with or without waste heat recovery boiler

• Furnaces used in olefin and poly-olefin plants

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Besides of the high quality and the reliability of the system, Petrosadid convinces customers with the high technical and professional level of supports.

Our burners have the following key advantages:

• Stable combustion of waste products and fuels with varying compositions

• High turn-down ratio

• Low CO emissions

• Low NOx emissions

• Robust design without moving parts for reliable opera􀆟 on

• Low maintenance requirements

• High Flexibility in the use

• Modular Design allows many applications

• High availability

• Long Durability and service life

• High turndown with large excess air

Petrosadid: Burner

Our cutting-edge burners for heating and industrial applications are:

• Low NOx light oil burners

• Light oil burners

• Heavy oil burners

• Low NOx gas burners

• Gas burners

• Low NOx dual fuel burners

• Dual fuel burners

• Industrial burners

Petrosadid: Burner

Our portfolio of burners covers a wide range of firing capacities (kw). For any other custom design , please contact us.

Petrosadid: Burner

Our Industrial burners are commonly used for process heating equipment such as:

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