Limit Switch

Petrosadid: Limit Switch

Limit switches are a type of sensor that detect presence and absence. Specifically, mechanical limit switches are switches that are mechanically activated, meaning that they have some sort of arm, lever, knob, plunger, etc., which is physically—or mechanically—activated by making contact with another object. As the object makes contact with the actuator of the switch, it eventually moves the actuator to its “limit” where the contacts change state. Other varieties of sensors/switches exist, including proximity sensors, light sensors, electric switches, among others. In its simplest form, a limit switch is a “switch” that can be mounted into remote locations so that it is actuated by an object other than a human

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operator. Some basic functions of limit switches are:

Detecting presence/absence


Detecting range of movement

Detecting positioning & travel limit

Breaking a live circuit when unsafe conditions arise

Detecting speed

and hundreds of other applications

Petrosadid: Limit Switch


Limit switches are a problem-solving product. There is often “no right answer” as to which switch can be used in any given situation. Usually product choice is left to the user to determine how he can best utilize the switch. Because of this characteristic, limit switches can be fun to sell a “fun” product—they are the solution to a brainteaser game! Mechanical limit switches can be found in any industrial or commercial application where detection or safety is needed.

Limit switches are the result of careful planning and experience in position control valves.

Through the choice of materials, workmanship and quality treatment, PETROSADID guarantees:


Impact sturdiness

High resistance to atmospheric and chemical events

High protection in hazardous areas (Exd - Exi)

Precision in indicating the position of the valve

Rapid sensor adjustment

Wide choice of configuration and custom solutions

Petrosadid: Limit Switch
Petrosadid: Limit Switch

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